Monday, June 8, 2009

The Design Mentality

Before we go on starting designing, we must look at how we consider design and how we come up with ideas. We must solidify our creative process. As designers, we are idea people. That is our nature, it is what people expect of us and what our clients of us.

We are in the business of generating ideas. This task seems easy enough as humans are naturally blessed with creative spirit. There is an unfortunate tendency, however, for that spirit to be stifled in some people and nurtured in others. At some point, often childwood, a person is told that perhaps he/she if "just not artistic" or "not a creative person". In all cases, this claim is false.

Creativity is human nature. When we call ourselves designers, we are telling the world that we have decided to nurture creativity and dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of ideas.

There are two procedures that are invalueble to anyone pursuing that creative capabilities of his/her mind: the common "brainstorm" and the process of reverse engineering design.

* What is a brainstorm?? wait for the next entry... =)


  1. ermm
    i try to understand wat ur trying to tell us..
    it seem like i cant fully understand it..
    ok gak
    at least i know 1% about designing..

  2. actually this is what i think now.. maybe if u are designer its quite understand bout this entry..

    batter 1% than ;p